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        Longsheng will invest 200 million euros to improve the flame retardant capacity

        Langsheng, a professional chemical company, plans to invest about 200 million euros in the next three years to strengthen its global flame retardant additive asset base. The company has factories in the United States (Charleston, Eldorado, Greensboro), Germany (Leverkusen, crayfield urdingen), France (Pierre) and the United Kingdom (Manchester), and operates a very backward comprehensive production network of bromine and phosphorus flame retardants.

        "With the acquisition of Chemtura in the United States in the spring of 2017, we became one of the world's leading suppliers of flame retardant additives. With the implementation of the investment plan, we will further strengthen our strong position in this growing market," said Karsten Job, director of polymer additives business of Longsheng.

        After integrating the former Chemtura business with brominated flame retardant additives, bromine and bromine derivatives, Longsheng has significantly expanded the market position of flame retardant additives. Because of their high efficiency, these substances are particularly used in the construction industry, and are an ideal complement to the existing Langsheng business with phosphorus based flame retardant additives.