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        Frx polymer company launches non halogenated flame retardant for PUR foam

        FRX Polymers has launched a series of non halogenated flame retardants with the brand name Nofia.

        The non halogenated flame retardant product is suitable for high temperature polyurethane soft foam in transportation, electronics and other industries.

        The Nofia flame retardant (FRs) is a non halogenated polyphosphonate, which can be added in the polyol solution as the form of powder or liquid. It can also be used as flame retardant and heat stabilizer to make polyurethane soft foam reaching UL 94 V-0 fire protection standard. According to the company, the foam added with the flame retardant can still maintain its mechanical properties after the thermal aging test at 150 degrees Celsius.

        Applications include under hood parts of automobiles, cushions and gaskets of battery packs of electric vehicles, and foam used to reduce noise, vibration and irregularities in various transportation parts. It can also be used for gaskets for electrical and electronic components that meet the requirements of UL 94 V-0.

        In the development process, FRX cooperated with its customers, who sought to replace expandable graphite in the disposable PU foaming process of automobile engine hood.

        Ina Jiang, vice president of sales and marketing of FRX polymers, said: "Our unique advantages of non halogenated flame retardants have been proven, providing key advantages in addition to flame retardancy in various applications. This is another example of Nofia polyphosphonate that can achieve breakthrough performance."