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        Minnesota prohibits the use of non compliant flame retardants in mattress and other products



        After Governor Tim Walz signed the bill, Minnesota has become the latest state to ban the use of flame retardants. It strictly limits their use in mattress and other products.

        Some new products will take effect in July 2022, covering furniture, fabrics and children's products. After full effect, the use of more than 1000 ppm of organic halogen flame retardants in a range of products is illegal in Minnesota. However, non foam components of adult mattresses and products covered by federal flammability standards are not included in this regulation.

        The bill has bipartisan support. The ultimate goal is to protect firefighters from the potentially carcinogenic effects of flame retardants.

        Jeff Howe, the state senator who introduced the bill, said: "Firefighters are our most selfless civil servants. If we put them into toxic chemical mixtures, they will face unnecessary risks. After more than 30 years of development, we found that the flame retardants used to save lives are making the situation more dangerous. The incidence of cancer among firefighters is four times that of ordinary people."

        At the same time, as expected, another state that is trying to pass the ban is Massachusetts. The House and Senate passed a bill last year, but it was vetoed by Governor Charlie Baker in January.