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        23 enterprises including abrasive were closed before the end of September in Guiyang


        On June 3, according to the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction in Guizhou Province, Guiyang Municipal Commission of Industry and Information Technology announced the first and second batch of plans to eliminate backward production capacity this year. There are 23 enterprises in 6 industries including steel, cement, abrasive, yellow phosphorus, paper making and power.

        It is understood that Guizhou Cement Plant, Guiyang Cement Co., Ltd., Guizhou Kaiyang Zijiang Cement Co., Ltd., Qingzhen Jiannan Cement Plant, Qingzhen Qiangui Building Materials Plant, Guizhou Kaiyang Phosphorus Industry Co., Ltd., Guizhou Kaiyang Phosphorus Chemical Co., Ltd., Guizhou Xifeng Phosphorus Mine, Guiyang Linshan Yellow Phosphorus Plant, Guizhou Phosphate Plant Guizhou Kaiyang Xinqiang Chemical Co., Ltd. and other 11 enterprises have all closed down their backward production capacity.

        It is reported that the backward production capacity enterprises listed in the plan in Guiyang in 2011 are planned to be shut down by the end of September, and all the main equipment and production lines will be removed by the end of December. The next step is to further strengthen supervision and inspection and guide the elimination of backward production capacity, and accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity in cement, yellow phosphorus, steel, ferroalloy and other industries.