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        The Abrasive and Abrasive Tools Branch Held Information Exchange and Corundum Silicon Carbide Trade Fair


        April 3 News from the business community   From March 23 to 27, the Abrasive Products Branch of China Machine Tool and Tool Industry Association held the 2009 Spring National Abrasive Products Industry Information Exchange and the 49th China Corundum Silicon Carbide Trade Fair in Shenzhen.

        At the meeting on the 24th, Zhou Jinlong, Deputy Secretary General of the Abrasive and Abrasive Tools Branch, made a report on the economic operation and work summary of the industry in 2008, as well as the work arrangement for 2009. In his speech, Bao Yujun, former vice chairman of the All China Federation of Industry and Commerce, a research expert on China's private economy, and president of the China Association for Private Economy Research, said that in 2009 under the financial crisis, China's private enterprises should make appropriate adjustments, find their own coordinates, close to people's livelihood, segment the market, strive for national policies, and seize the momentum. At the meeting, Wang Peiming, the general manager of the Zirconium Products and Abrasives Department of Saint Gobain in Asia and the Pacific Region, on behalf of the enterprise, made a speech on the topic of "Development Direction of Abrasives".

        In the following meeting on the 25th, there were three sub venues of corundum, silicon carbide and abrasive tools for full discussion and exchange on their respective themes, and representatives of relevant enterprises spoke enthusiastically. The participants not only paid attention to the advanced technology trends in the industry, but also discussed the current economic operation, the problems faced by the industry, and the countermeasures and suggestions.