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        Energy saving and environmental protection sandblasting machine is the flagship in the industry


        Business News, October 28 At present, the basic methods of rust removal and matte effect treatment of metal or non-metallic surfaces are chemical and mechanical processing. These two methods have problems of environmental pollution, high loss and low efficiency to varying degrees. The "Beloit series airless sand blasting cleaning machine" developed by Dongguan Jichuan Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is expected to change this situation.

        It is understood that the chemical method, namely acid and alkali corrosion treatment, is not suitable for the development of the industry because of its large environmental pollution and large surface loss. As for mechanical processing, sand blasting and shot blasting are mostly used in China. The power of sand blasting is to use compressed air. When processing the same width, the power consumption is large, and the uniformity and gloss deviation of the processed surface are also large. Shot blasting equipment is the core part of the shot blasting machine, which uses the centrifugal blasting principle to process the workpiece. It has strict requirements on the shape and material of the workpiece, and the equipment is large when processing workpieces of the same format. These two machining methods are difficult to deal with the deformation problem when machining thin plates.

        The machine uses the air flow blown from the high-pressure fan to generate counter pressure at the front end of the sand outlet, suck the sand material falling from the sand nozzle, and then blow it to the surface of the workpiece under the promotion of the subsequent air flow. Because the diameter of the sand nozzle is certain and the spacing arranged on the lower sand nozzle body is certain, the uniformity of sand blowing processing is ensured. Compared with the existing technology, it does not require chemical treatment such as acid and alkali corrosion, reduces environmental pollution, and has low energy consumption; The processing cost is low, the workpiece deformation is small, the product surface processing effect is uniform, and the surface quality is good. "Beloit series airless sand blasting machines" meet the strong desire of new and old customers from all walks of life not to invest in air compressors for many years, and also solve and make up the technical problem that conventional sand blasting machines cannot handle "ultra-thin plates and plastic film workpieces"